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Project Description

Advocacy Marketing

We believe in the power of the pen, still. We also believe when words and images coalesce to make a statement, change happens.

Advocacy marketing is about tackling a cause and painting a picture that resonates in the souls of others.

Grace Advertising is strongly immersed in the health care marketing arena. It’s hard for us to not to feel the blows from things like mental health, substance use, domestic violence and other issues. We have the power to equip people with information to combat these issues that go beyond the 20-second sound bite heard on the evening news.

We have access to marketing channels to increase awareness about issues that face our communities. We also know how to leverage a variety of media to reach people wherever they reside to bring topics to light that require attention. We’ll also help you spread your message as you advocate for issues close to your heart. Here’s our approach:

  • Discuss the issue you want to advocate.

  • Talk about whom we must reach.

  • Develop a channel strategy, messaging and visuals to make an indelible impact.

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