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Project Description

Logo Design & Development

When it comes to brand development, drilling down to the “one thing” is crucial.

Branding requires executing complex ideas and emotions simplistically.

Brand development means combining many thoughts, elements, messages and even aspirations into one simplistic visual marker that offers continuity across media.

We often tell clients that branding is more than a logo or tagline — it is something intangible — yet has a resonating effect with people. It’s recognizable and it conjures emotions and perceptions — good or bad. So before we get started, we ask a few questions …

  • How is your brand perceived?

  • What is your desired brand perception?

  • What must we overcome to get there?

Creating a blueprint to communicate the “one thing.”

With the help of client strategy sessions, our team develops a creative blueprint that is used across media. What this means to our clients is sustained brand continuity that resonates with their target audience members in a manner that is relevant and believable. It also enables us to consistently communicate that “one thing” consistently across channels. This enables the logos, branding elements and messaging to carry a long shelf life — with “legs.” That means the brand is strategically positioned to birth sub brands that have familiar elements to the primary brand. This provides a seamless brand experience for our clients and their audiences. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A brand that is recognizable and harnesses your most important assets.

  • The ability to leverage your primary brand to spin off subordinate brands.

  • A seamless brand experience that offers unaided awareness over time.

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