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Editorial & Blog Development

When it comes to writing, we go old school.

Words are powerful. When used for good, they change things. We still believe in the power of the pen.

Why publish two newspapers? Because there is still a market out there that likes ink. Journalism is a bit watered down these days. We like to go back to just the facts. We write pieces that you have to sit with for a while. Our job is to leave you with something you didn’t have before. That is the goal of every piece we write, every person we interview. No hype. Just facts.

Press releases should be more than fluff. Our press releases are interesting reads. They are basically feature articles housed in a press release template. Again, words are power. Our clients deserve quality information distributed to the right venues, and read by the intended target audience. We also know that effective press releases equate to earned media for our clients. They love that!

Blog and website content is another of our specialities. Did you know it takes 50 percent more time to read web content than a printed piece? We understand usability best practices when we write. We also know how to insert keywords into the web page copy to help your organic search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Ad copy, well, we do that, too. We understand our clients’ target audience members and we write to that. Bottom line, we believe in effective copy no matter the vehicle. If you need a skilled editorial team for traditional and digital content, you’re at the right spot.

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